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    PRODERSSA Honduras Solar Project

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    Developed Nacaome Honduras Solar Project

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    Pacific Solar Energy Honduras Project

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Upower, Inc. (UPI) is a global renewable energy holding company and developer.  In January 2014, our subsidiary, Upower Honduras, signed a much-publicized 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the government of Honduras and their National Electric Company, Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica (ENEE)Our two 50 MW Projects, PRODERSSA and Pacific Solar Energy (PSE), which when developed, became Latin America’s largest solar project to date at 100 Megawatts in August 2015.  Funded for $232MM in 2015 by a division of The World Bank, the Project 8404 was completed, and fully operational in the west coast city of Nacaome, Honduras, producing 100 megawatts an hour for the next 20 years, generating 120 gigawatts of electricity annually for approximately 152,000 Honduran households.  Our goal of making these projects a reality, now contributes to the 44% of the clean power generation Honduras is experiencing today and a great example to the rest of the world, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. 
Upower is currently in consideration of participating in several Solar PV Projects in the U.S.

Our Mission

To provide Renewable Solar Energy Solutions throughout the United States territories, while remaining as Environmentally Conscious as possible in the process..