Our Business

We are an Independent Power Provider (IPP) in Emerging Markets

We are focused in markets both in and outside the U.S., with specific interest in those with emerging and growing economies featuring friendly foreign investment environments.

Process to follow to choose a Market

Market Need: Focusing in Markets that have Energy Deficits.
Foreign Asset Protection: Countries that respect private property and investments.
Natural Resources: Enough Wind, Hydro Dam Potential, or Irradiation (Solar) for the Chosen Technology
Incentives: Renewable Energy Laws, Good pricing, Import/Export Tax Waivers, Sales/Income Tax breaks, etc.
Logistical Support: Government and Communities supporting the initiative.
Business Friendly Environment: Avoiding Markets with Excessive “Red Tape”.
Strong Local Network: Local Team that can execute and bring Projects to Reality.
Right Partners for Technology and Business: Financial, EPC, Execution and Operation Requiring the Right Partners in each Country.
Green Light for Execution: If all of the above are Demonstrated, the Project has a "Green Light" to Proceed to the Execution Level.

The Needs

Unequal Distribution of Income, with High Unemployment.
Poor Education.
The National Economy is registering sluggish Economic Growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Deficiencies in improving Living Standards for a Majority of the Population in Poverty.
Lack of New Development and Construction.

The Solutions

Emerging Markets require Greater Power Generation (They are in Deficits)
Open Market Policies that have attracted Strong Foreign Support.
Seeking only Above Average Irradiation Index Reports for the locations of our Projects.
Countries Passing Renewable Energy Incentives Laws for Wind, Hydro, and Solar projects with Multiple Incentives, relating to;
Price per kw/h, term of PPA and Tax Benefits, among others
Operational Expenses are Very Competitive.
Our Local Partnership Strategies give "Know How" to and are experienced at moving these Projects through the “Red Tape” Locally.
Advances and Efficiencies in Renewable Energy now have Financial Solutions for Funding Projects.

The Benefits

Provide base-load solar generation with no fuel cost or delivery risk
Reduce fuel imports and promote energy security
Reduce health risks associated with kerosene and diesel fuel
Diversify the energy portfolio and reduce the risk of fuel-price volatility
Provide peaking generation and faster time-to-power
Enhance grid reliability and stability with advanced PV plant controls
Manage PV variability through accurate forecasting
Provide predictable and bankable energy with low levelized cost of electricity (LCOE)
Support fast installation, low maintenance, and easy service
Provide income generation and economic development opportunities