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Upower....Universal Renewable Energy Solutions

Upower is an emerging Independent Power Provider (IPP) focused on generating electricity by developing power plant opportunities globally through its well established relationships, and strives to maximize performance and returns for our shareholders, while remaining environmentally conscious. Upower was created to provide Universal Alternative Energy Solutions, Electrical Power, Proprietary Technology, and Energy Storage to Countries, Cities, and Businesses alike, which have experienced Limited Access to such Resources prior. Our Primary Focus is on Governmental Utility-Scale and Customized Micro-Grid, as well as Commercial Rooftop Renewable Energy for the African, Caribbean, and Latin American Markets.
Upower is currently in the process of implementing a proprietary, newly created structure registered at The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, coining the term, and naming it the Multilateral Power Purchase Agreement (MPPA™)* to use on a Global Scale, a Unique Financial Engineering Method derived by Upower for Financing Renewable Energy Projects. Today, Upower is currently in the Due Diligence process and reviewing all documentation in consideration of several Solar Projects for a potential Development, and Construction of “Shovel Ready” opportunities near the Capital Santiago, in both the CDEC-SIC and CDEC-SING Grids in addition to several Customized, Proprietary Utility-Scale Solutions throughout The Bahamas.
The need of Electrical Power in Investment Grade Developing Countries is enormous. Without access to a reliable sources of Energy, Electrical Power, and Technology, countries will fall further behind alongside their GDP. Without theses sources provided by Upower, Communities cannot experience significant Economic Growth, Job Creation, Higher Education, and proper Socio-Economic Development in their Cities and Communities.
The Promise of Solar has never been more attainable on a Global Scale. Upower’s Goal is to connect to National Electricity Grids across the world, helping to meet growing energy needs and reduce fuel emissions.
Upower also believes Clean Energy should be available to everyone, even to the 1.3 billion people not currently connected to an Electricity Grid. That’s why we are offering Energy Access Solutions that provide a practical and affordable option for underserved Energy Markets across the Globe.


*A U.S. Trademark Application has been filed for the Multilateral Power Purchase Agreement (MPPA™) and has been assigned the USPTO serial number: ‘87069264’.

Our Mission

To provide Alternative Renewable Energy Solutions using Renewable Electrical Power and Energy Storage, for Utility-Sized Power Plants globally, with a concentration on Biomass and Solar Energy Projects, while remaining as Environmentally Conscious as possible in the process.