About Us


missionOur Mission

To provide Alternative Renewable Energy Solutions using Electrical Power and Energy Storage, for Microgrid and Utility-Sized Power Plants globally, with a concentration on Biomass and Solar Energy Projects, while remaining as Environmentally Conscious as possible in the process.

The Company

Upower, (a.k.a. Upower Group or UPI), and/or its Affiliates were together founded to provide Renewable, Alternative Energy Power Solutions, implementing innovative Solar Technology Projects Worldwide to Emerging Markets focusing on Africa, The Caribbean, and Latin America.
Upower is an Independent Power Provider (IPP) and a leading, growing International Renewable Energy company with a focus in Solar Power and Energy Storage throughout Emerging Markets, focused on generating Renewable Electricity by initiating, developing, and operating Power Plants Globally.
Upower is Finding Opportunities and becoming a Powerhouse for the Future.

StrategyOur Strategy

Upower’s strategy for the energy generation business entails constructing, supplying and installing power generation equipment for new facilities and/or to expand, refurbish and upgrade acquired facilities for Upower to operate.
In certain instances Upower will establish Strategic Alliances, such as those formerly with American Capital Energy and WTEC Energy, and several Private Equity Wall Street firms. Each will specialize in Project Financing or a specific power generation technology and be able to construct, expand, upgrade, and/or install power generation equipment and facilities on a turn-key basis.
Upower believes its strategy, will also allow it to achieve the following objectives:
  • Bring electrical power to those who need it to progress and grow economically
  • The creation of a portfolio of various power generation businesses which, through effective cost management, will create value for its shareholders through safe, reliable, and sustainable operations.
  • Allow it to develop markets where it has a competitive advantage and are able to earn a fair risk-adjusted return.
  • Manage commodity and political risk exposures, mostly through local partners and business relationships, contractual and regulatory mechanisms.

Our Positioning: Upower’s Strength Comes From Its Relationships

About Upower Worldwide:


IPP (Independent Power Producer) Upower, spearheaded by its CEO/Chairman David Macias, has put together a “Dream Team” consortium through his global reach and long-term relationships in the securities, commodities, financial markets, and the renewable/alternative energy sectors.


Upower signed a 100 MW PPA with the Honduran Government and its National Electric Company EENE. The Upower Honduras Project was completed from start to finish in 10 months, funded with $232mm through FinFund and The World Bank. In 2018, it’s fully operational generating electrical power since September 2015 in Nacaome, Honduras. Our projects is currently the largest solar project installed and in operation to date in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Upower’s Initiation and Incubation abilities in Discovering Opportunities with its access to Project Financing made available through its existing long-term Energy Relationships worldwide, that allow for Upower’s unique project selection process. By adding most recently as South Africa, The Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru, Upower’s Strength and Global Reach thrives. It is Upower’s capabilities of Initiating Projects in Emerging Markets worldwide, that give way to generating Commerce and Progress in these areas  and other regions needing Power. Upower’s Team is Finding Opportunities and becoming a Powerhouse for the Future.

Upower’s Proprietary & Trademarked PPA Model:

The Multilateral Power Purchase Agreement (MPPA) ™*

Our Upower Trademarked Multilateral Power Purchase Agreement or MPPA ™* involves a contract to Buy and Sell generated power (Electricity) within 3 or more parties, including the Genco (The Generator), The Transco/Distributors (The Licensed Transmission or Electric Distributor(s), and the Institutional End-User(s).
*A U.S. Trademark Application has been filed for the Multilateral Power Purchase Agreement (MPPA™) and has been assigned the USPTO Serial Number: ‘87069264’.
* * The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has also confirmed a filing for both Upower ™ and Upower Bahamas ™, and has been assigned a Mark: MRK76108139213-204549329, and furthermore has been assigned Serial Number: ‘88003367’ by the USPTO for Upower, its Styles, Design, Swirling Atom Logos, and Colors White/Blue and Black/Aqua/Yellow, SPE0-76108139213-20180616 204549329717, both Domestically and Internationally.